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TPI OP-ED Response to the NY Times

TPI Members have asked if we were responding directly to the NY Times regarding their recent article “Kill your Lawn before it Kills You” and the answer is absolutely. They only allow 150-175 word responses, so TPI had to be brief when hitting many key points. We ended it by encouraging them to visit The Lawn Institute Website to get the real facts. Please see our response below, and as always feel free to reach out to TPI directly with questions or comments.


Plants play an essential role in the success, comfort, health, and social well-being of millions of people, particularly in urban/suburban environments. Grasses are some of the most efficient plants on Earth. 4 of the 5 top food crops in the world are grasses, and they provide over 90% of the world’s calories. These efficiencies make grasses the ideal choice for lawns where they produce fresh oxygen, capture carbon, cool our homes, capture rainfall, reduce stormflow, protect watersheds and filter urban pollutants.

They provide families affordable access to greenery and children a place to play that other landscapes simply cannot. Ironically, the expense of filling and managing every landscape with “native” plants as depicted in this video would truly highlight the elites, leaving others to be even further priced out of homes.

Furthermore, the vast majority of grass lawns are un-irrigated and do not receive pesticide applications, despite all pesticides being rigorously tested by EPA for health and safety.

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