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8 Actions We Can Take Now – COVID-19

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Here are 8 great “Actions We Can Take Now” to implement at your farm (and in daily life) to help slow the spread of COVID-19 in our communities.
Courtesy of Past President Jimmy Fox.
  1. Enforce Social Distancing.
    The virus can be spread more than six feet, simply by breathing. If you sneeze or cough, that distance can be 26 feet! We need to truly limit exposure.
  2. Have a face mask policy in place at work, and at home for anyone going into public areas.
    Face masks stop the person who has the virus (and doesn’t know it yet) from spreading it to others. We must all act as though we have it and protect each other!
  3. Sanitize all public surfaces, multiple times per day.
    Door knobs, bathrooms, counters, tables, doorways …any surface that people touch…sanitize!
  4. Washing hands.
    Warm water and soap…done! Hand sanitizer, even better. You touch any foreign object that others also touch, sanitize!
  5. Keep your mouth clean and rinsed.
    Keep your mouth clean, it is the first potential area of entry for the virus.
  6. If you have influence with anyone in congress, emphasize the importance of working through the guest worker visas. 
    Our farmers (H2A visas) and our customers (H2B visas) are all struggling for labor. Farmers are falling behind on planting and harvesting.
  7. Look for ways to expand the “essential business” list.
    If a business can operate with safe practices, and appropriate “social distancing” we need to encourage state governments to keep them open.
  8. Stay positive and proactive.
    It is easy to get depressed or have a negative attitude. One of the best things we can do as leaders is to stay positive, look for the good in others, and say something positive to those around us. Our attitude is the most contagious thing we can control, let’s use it.


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