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Guideline Specifications to Turfgrass Sodding

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pallet of sod on farm small.jpgTPI's Guideline Specifications to Turfgrass Sodding has been prepared in response to the need for information regarding soil preparation, turfgrass sodding and post-installation maintenance over wide geographic/climatic areas.

With recent research results and production experience, it is commonly understood that consideration must be given to the region where turfgrass sod installation is to be accomplished. Quality performance of turfgrass sodded areas depends on a number of closely related and inter-dependent factors. These include the selection of adapted turfgrasses, adequate preparation of the site, proper transplanting of sod and good cultural practices which will result in rapid establishment and good turfgrass growth.

Please click on the link below a PDF version of the Guideline Specifications to Turfgrass Sodding.

Guideline Specifications to Turfgrass Sodding