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  • Measuring for Turfgrass 
  • Turfgrass Installation Guide 
  • Turfgrass Watering Guide & Post Installation Care

Turf News - The only magazine devoted exclusively to turfgrass production.  Special July/August issues relating to Turfgrass Seed & Vegetative Stock, special Nov/Dec issue relating to Production Equipment Buyers Guide

Turfgrass Forum - An online discussion where members are sharing their knowledge and experiences to help other members find solutions to their questions.

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Advocacy - TPI has a professional reputation as the voice of the turfgrass sod industry with members, consumers, government and growing media awareness.

Facts about Artificial Turf - A 32-page booklet that is based upon information from some of the industry's most highly respected research scientists, sports filed managers, contractors and other professionals.  Plus many more articles for you to download!

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News Releases, Press Media Kit and Archives - resources for the industry

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Search Member Directory - An online directory to help you find other members, suppliers, educators, research specialists.  This tool also allows your customers to find "where" you are located.

Green Industry Associations - Links to Environmental sites, National/International Green sites, Turf-State/Regional/Local sites.

Photo Gallery - Beautiful pictures for you to use in your advertising and marketing programs. 

Turfgrass FAQ'S - Questions and answers for professionals in the turfgrass sod industry.  If you have a question plese send to


    Posted by turfadmin
    FOR SALE: 2007 WMI 3030 Sod Cutter - $7,500; WMI 30” Sod Cutter - $5,000; WMI 30” Sod Layer 204 hours - $5,000; Pro...
    Posted by turfadmin
    EQUIPMENT FOR SALE: (1) Land Pride 10-ft. Primary seeder; (1) Brillion primary seeder; Harrel Model 368 on-land sw...