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"The most important business decision I ever made? That's easy, I made it last year when I rejoined TPI and attended the Summer Convention in Chicago.  I returned home to Canada with a focus that I haven't had for years because of the information I gathered from the meetings, fellow growers and the exhibitors."  Bob Arseneau, Amherst Sod Ltd., dba Maritime Sod, St. John, New Brunswick, Canada

"As a member of Turfgrass Producers International and by attending their events, I receive the benefit of meeting other professionals in the turfgrass sod industry from all over the world.  The insights I gain from talking with other TPI members always proves invaluable in growing my business!"   Wiley T. McCall, Emerald Island Turf, Inc., Fort Pierce, FL

"I have been a member of Turfgrass Producers International since 1982 and attended my first conference in the early 1990's.  Over the years, the benefits I gained from both a business and a personal perspective have been invaluable.  I recommend to anybody who is not a member to join TPI as soon as possible and start taking advantage of this great organization.  With the benefits of Turf News magazine, Business Management newsletter, annual meetings and the website, TPI membership is a business tool that is a must for all turfgrass sod producers."  Robert Davey, Managing Director, Evergreen Turf, Pakenham, Victoria, Australia

"Evergreen Turf is a sod grower in the southern part of Africa.  In our country sod production was still quite primitive and everbody used walk-behind Ryan harvesters.  We joined TPI and our whole business changed.  Today, 20 years later, we are still the leaders in sod production in South Africa.  I have made many friends at TPI and whenever I ask them for advice they are not hesitant to assist.  The value of TPI membership and what the organization's members have done for our business is immeasurable."  Fanus Cloete, Owner, Evergreen Turf, Eikenhof, South Africa

"TPI is the only international organization dedicated to turfgrass sod growers. The organization provides me with annual meetings in a relaxed atmosphere and the networking opportunities with customers and friends in the turfgrass industry are unlimited!  Barr-Net, Inc. also takes advantage of advertising opportunities in Turf News magazine.  We find the publication to be very well done providing my company a direct conduit to my customers worldwide."  Doug Barberry, President, Barr-Net, Inc., Churchville, MD

" We have been members since before I began working at the company.  On of my earliest recollections of the organiztion(then ASPA) was attending the summer conference in Seattle, WA.   I was impressed by the friendly nature of the entire group and their willingness to share their own experiences related to their businesses.  This has always been a major reason to be part of the organization, as well as what TPI does for promoting the industry and dealing with the governmental issues affecting us."  Earl Slack, Senior V.P., Farming Operations, Pacific Sod, Camarillo, CA

"We know TPI is a tight knit community and membershp allows us to be in contact with the entire industry."  Clayton Hubbs, LLC, Phoenix, AZ

"To stay current with the latest turf industry trends so that we may provide the best products to our turf producing customers." Firefly Equipment, LLc, Farmington, UT

"To stay informed on industry advancements and network with other turf producers internationally." Greenway Turf Inc., Kemptville, Ontario, Canada

"I am getting into the business full time now that I am almost out of college.  I thought TPI would be a great organization to help me be a more educated sod supplier."  Tyler Heine, Owner, Heine Brothers Sod, Kalispell, MT

"Networking and new technology/practices information."  Jardines Urbanos S.A., Rio Grande, Penonome, Panama

"Talking with Mike Loan and realizing we need the TPI voice for the survival and enhancement of our industry."  Dan Lowe, President, PAN AG, Inc., Alburnett, IA

"To keep informed on what is going on in the turfgrass sod industry."  Peter van Mispelaar, Director, Vanmac B.V., Netherlands

"Recommended by friend/sod producer."  Mike Wilder, North Carolina Cooperative Extension, Nashville, NC

"The TPI midwinter conference in Orlando was fantastic!  You guys did so many things right!  Enjoyed the programming, it was right on target.  Loved the humorist - in these tough economic times he was great.  Round tables are my favorite...they spark great conversation. The Show and Tell is also a favorite...we're still talking about it.  Updates and info from our Executive Director Kirk Hunter is always welcomed and informative.  It was great to see so many young faces at the Next Generation Leaders reception.  Glad so many people were there."  Linda Bradley, Turf Mountain Sod, Inc., Hendersonville, NC