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TPI Membership Categories - Please select one category to continue
Class A - Turfgrass Sod ProducerIndividuals or firms in the business of planting, growing and marketing turfgrass sod. The categories below are based on the number of acres devoted exclusively to turfgrass sod production.
  • Class A1 - Small 1-99 (USA & Canada) $500
  • Class A2 - Medium 100-299 (USA & Canada) $750
  • Class A3 - Large 300+ (USA & Canada) $1,250
  • Class A1-I - Small 1-299 (International) $590
  • Class A2-I - Large 300+ (International) $915
If you have multiple farm locations you can choose to enroll those locations in a Class S - Secondary Farm location membership. Please contact the TPI office for details.
Class B - Supplier/ManufacturerIndividuals or firms in the business of supplying or manufacturing equipment, products or services for the turfgrass sod industry. $995
Class C - Formal Educator Educators or other individuals engaged in turfgrass research, teaching or extension work. $75
Class E - Industry Associate Individuals, firms or associations that have an interest in the industry, but are neither producing turfgrass sod, nor a product/service for use on a turfgrass sod farm, and do not qualify for membership in any other category. $150
Class F - StudentPart or full-time student enrolled in a turfgrass sod or other green industry-related programs. Students must include proof of enrollment. $55
Class R - Retired Individual retired from active and day-to-day management of a turfgrass sod farm, previously a Class A or Class B member. $140