The Press Media Kit

The press media kit was created by Turfgrass Producers International as a source of information for writers and editors of green industry publications, research specialists, educators, university students, lawn care professionals, extension specialists, master gardeners and others requiring timely information on turfgrass and green industry related issues.

A Tribute to Grass

Xeriscaping - What About Turfgrass

Why Turf

What Is Turfgrass Sod

Warm Season - Cool Season Grasses

Turfgrass Statistics

Turfgrass Scores High When it Comes to Erosion Control

Turfgrass May Be A Carbon Sink

Turfgrass Facts

Turfgrass Absorbs Sulphur Dioxide

The Environmentally Proper Way to Fertilize Your Lawn

Soil Preparation for a Beautiful Lawn

Soil Conservation Starts at Home

OKAY! So What Happens to Pesitcides Applied to Golf Courses

OK to let lawn go dormant

MYTH BUSTING-Grass Clippings Clogging our landfills

MYTH BUSTING- Are Lawns a Waste of Time and Money

Made in the Shade - What Grass Is Best

Made in the Shade

Link Between Obesity and Shrinking Lawns

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