General Turfgrass Information and Homeowner Resources

Specialty Crop Competitiveness Act of 2004

Specialty crop funding: Is your state association exploring the possibilities?

Benefits of Turfgrass

The benefits of turfgrass. Environmental, community/human health and economic benefits of turfgrass.

Serious Questions About New-Generation Artificial Turf That Requires Answers

S.O.D. - One Acronym We Must Live Without

Why Turf? Natural grass is important to your readers

1-page listing of health benefits and economic factors related to turfgrass.

Turfgrass Statistics...Unusual and Not Totally Uninteresting Facts Related To Turfgrass

One-page itemization of facts about turf, such as plants per square inch, miles of roots, erosion control capabilities, etc.

Turfgrass...Made In The Shade

Three-page article presenting a 5-step method of establishing and maintaining turf in shaded areas.

TPI Turf Logo Indicates Professional Quality

Homeowners and professional groundskeepers who are looking for high quality turfgrass sod may want to first look for the Turfgrass Producers International (TPI) membership logo.

Stop Erosion Problems With Turfgrass Sod

One page of suggestions on controlling home yard erosion and the environmental problems it creates.

How to Botch a Sodded Lawn

Describes ten ways to ruin a sodded lawn installation.

Sod Secret III

Provides key ingredients for beautiful lawns from turf growers.

Sod Secret II

Shares pest control secrets for a fabulous lawn from inside experts.

Sod Secret I

Discusses watering and fertilizing secrets from experts in the industry.

Myth Busting: Are Lawns A Waste Of Time and Money?

Two-page article presents facts about turf's role in the environment and its time demands.

Myth Busting: Are Grass Clippings Clogging Our Landfills?

Two-page article assessing the fate of lawn clippings and their proper disposal.

Letting the "Dwarf Grass Gen(i)e" Out of the Bottle May Not Have Results Homeowners Expect

New dwarf grasses may well have draw-backs that homeowners should consider before selecting such varieties.

Lawn Institute Finds Unexpected Link Between Expanding Obesity and Shrinking Lawns

2-page article addressing the serious problem of obesity and its potential relationship to the reduction of lawn sizes.

Lawn Institute Charts Important Grass Characteristics

Includes charts for "Warm-Season" and "Cool Season" turfgrasses, including descriptions, environment adaptations, establishment, optimum tempurature for germination, and cultural requirements.

Homeowners Can Use Sod To Repair Problem Lawns

Sod can be used as "lawn patches" to repair areas of dead grass in a lawn.

Heat Potential of Artificial Turf Poses Increased Health Risk

Offers enlightenment on the danger of artificial turf that coaches and parents should be aware of.
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