Establishing A Lawn

When’s the best time to establish a lawn?

Turfgrass sod can be installed year-round, even on frozen ground, if sod is available; however, sodding during the heat of summer will require more water than during cooler periods. Seeding or sprigging is best attempted in the Fall in most areas, with Spring being the second best time. Winter and Summer planting of seed or sprigs is strongly discouraged.

Can a homeowner install turfgrass sod?

If you can understand "Green Side Up," you can successfully install sod. Because turfgrass sod can be heavy, the help of a few friends is recommended. For more information click to "Turf Installation Guide."

Is seeding cheaper than sodding?

A big bag of grass seed will cost less than a pallet of sod, but that is like comparing the cost of raw wool to a fine sweater. Turfgrass sod is a finished product that will provide nearly instant use, beauty and environmental benefits, whereas seed is an unknown that requires two or more years of on-going time, attention, water, fertilizer and pesticides to reach a maturity equal to sod on its first day.

For more information click to "Self-Scoring Method: How To Establish A Lawn."

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